samarAbout Samar Owais

Who Am I And What Makes Me Such An Expert On Freelance Writing?

My name is Samar (pronounced “Summer”) and I’ve been freelancing as a writer and blogger since 2008.

I’m one of those rare breed of freelancers who started freelancing straight out of college. The decision was part choice and part circumstance.

My first job as a writer netted me a grand total of $5 for 500 words. My next job got me $10.

It took me two years of hard knocks, stupid mistakes and finger breaking hard work before I realized that my freelancing wasn’t a hobby—it was a business! [notice a recurring theme here?]

Once I realized I needed to treat my freelancing as a business, I made the mental shift from “Oh, it’s just this thing I do.” to “Holy crap, I run my own business!”

Things started to fall in place from there. I began to value the hard work I was doing and was no longer embarrassed by charging more money.

It still took me a long time and some pretty serious investment in my education as a writer and business owner (check out my freelance business resources page to find out which ebooks I read and what courses I took) before I reached a point where I was happy with my rates.

In case you’re wondering, I now charge in triple digits for a single blog post – which forms a bulk of my writing work. Want to see my rates? Check them out on my writer site.

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About Lauren Tharp

afterlaurenHey, Everyone! My name is Lauren Tharp. I’m a freelance writer and the owner of LittleZotz Writing. Working as a both a bylined writer and a ghostwriter, I’ve been a part of the writing and marketing departments for a television mini-series, an online radio station, a designer headphone company, and countless small businesses around the world.

However, entrepreneurs and small businesses only make up half of my client base. Through LittleZotz Writing, I’ve dedicated countless hours toward helping fellow writers get started as freelancers. In addition to giving away free e-books, sending out bi-monthly newsletters, and offering one-on-one mentoring; I run a multiple award-winning blog for freelance writers, and I’m the Managing Editor for Be A Freelance Blogger – one of the leading publications for professional bloggers.

A lifelong resident of Los Angeles, California, I also have a passion for helping teens get their writing careers started and often speak at local schools. You can see some of my work with teens on littlezotzteens.com.

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